Slimming can be accompanied with an enjoyment of taste. The selection of Cuban Turquino coffee bean enriches the flavor of “Slim Coffee” which grants you with a real coffee experience.

Cuban Coffee Origin
Coffee was first introduced to Cuba by the Spanish in the mid-18th century. By the early 1800’s, the coffee industry became one of the largest agricultural assets in Cuba’s economy. The Cuban coffee beans are grown in the high shady mountains, and the natural humid climate, fertile soil and traditional labor intensive cultivation techniques have made it the ideal home for coffee plantation. Since no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used, Cuban coffee beans are healthy and at high quality, which helps Cuba to develop into one of the world’s famous coffee bean suppliers.

A taste of Turquino Coffee
Cuba produces some of the finest Arabica coffee beans in the world. In the Sierra Maestra Mountains of Eastern Cuba, coffee beans are cultivated at an altitude of above 1,000 meters. The average temperature of 24-26C, relative humidity of 76-90% and yearly rainfall amount of 1,900mm above provides the ideal setting for growing of high quality Turquino coffee beans. Turquino is the best grade of Cuban coffee. The full bodied coffee bean presents a well-balanced, spicy, full aroma and an incredibly long-lasting aftertaste. With the rich flavor of Cuban Turquino coffee, “Slim Coffee” gives you an irresistible coffee experience.



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