Coffee culture is thriving all over the world and becomes a lifestyle for many people. A lot of people cannot face the day without a morning cup of coffee, and some enjoy drinking coffee throughout the day. However, the consumption of coffee can be a major cause for obesity. "Slim Coffee" is designed for those who love drinking coffee but want to maintain a slim body shape.

Losing 8.3 pounds in 7 days!

Slimming can be as easy as drinking a cup of hot coffee. "Slim Coffee" contains a combination of natural ingredients which can help you to lose weight and re-shape the body by burning and blocking of body fat. 8.3 pounds of weight loss can be achieved in just 7 days!

Key Benefit
Green Coffee Bean
(unroasted coffee bean)
Carries chlorogenic acids 2 times more than normal coffee bean, which help to inhibit glucose absorption in the small intestine and boost up fat burning process, leading to a 5-time speedup in fat percentage decrease and significant weight loss
L-carnitine Boosts up fat burning inside the body by catalyzing the transformation of body fat into energy
Tea Polyphenol Speeds up fat burning and increases metabolic rate to achieve significant slimming effect
Garcinia Cambogia Blocks up to 70% of the conversion of glucose into fat, thus helping to prevent added fat storage inside the body
White Kidney Bean Stops the breaking down of starch into sugars, which are eventually stored as body fat

Dramatic Slimming Effect

7 days - Reduced belly, no turgidity
14 days - V-shaped face, trimmed hip
28 days
- Tightened body shape
- No big belly
- Slimmed arms and legs


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