Low Sugar, Low Fat, Low Calories

In order to make up a rich and sweet taste, large amount of milk and sugar is normally added into your coffee. This turns coffee into an unhealthy drink with high sugar, high fat and high calories, which may cause harmful effects on your body. “Slim Coffee” is formulated to give you the real taste of coffee, while providing a low sugar, low fat and low calories choice for you.

To compare the nutrition facts of a cup of normal coffee to a cup of “Slim Coffee”:

A Cup of Normal Coffee A Cup of “Slim Coffee”
Energy(Calories) 200 kcal 90.59 kcal Less 54%!
Total Fat
11 g 3.23 g
Sugar 17 g 4.84 g

Calories Calculator
For the coffee lovers, do you know how many calories, fat and sugar you gain from your daily coffee consumption? Check it out now!

Calories Total Fat Sugar
8oz 110kcal 4.7g 7g
12oz 130kcal 6g 8g
170kcal 7g 9g
Latte 8oz 130kcal
6g 8g
12oz 200kcal
9g 13g
240kcal 11g 16g
Mocha 8oz 200kcal 11g
12oz 290kcal
15g 25g
16oz 360kcal 19g 32g

Calories (per tablespoon)
Milk 9kcal
Cream 52kcal

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